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I can’t express my gratitude towards Vonnah. She helped me put closure on something I had been struggling to get rid of for many many years. After years of bad advice and people telling me to give up I almost did till finally met Vonnah through a networking group. She was very honest and told me I had a long shot but to file and she would do her best. She got in contact with the other party and after a couple weeks of negotiations Vonnah came through! I just paid off my debt and I’m a free man all because of her!!! I’ve worked with many attorneys in the past and Vonnah Bagner is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever met!

Alain M.
Castro Valley, CA

Vonnah Bagner is an outstanding family and divorce attorney. She is a caring and compassionate person who looks out for the best interest of her clients.

Hayward Highland, Hayward, California

I had been dealing with a divorce, custody and child support on my own for years. Frustrated with the rulings, dealings with my Ex, and frequency of having to be in court, I decided to obtain a lawyer. Finally..one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. Vonnah Bagner took the stress out of the process and allowed me to focus on what was important. You can feel that she has your best interest at heart. I wish I had met her years ago.


Vonnah is the best family law attorney in San Leandro. Bagner Law really takes pride in providing compassionate and competent assistance in adoption, divorce, custody and all services related to family law.

Murrieta, California

I can’t even find the words to describe Ms. Bagner. She went above and beyond to assist my husband and I with a custody case my husband was dealing with for about 10 years. This year we decided to get an attorney to help with the case. She was patient, understanding and knowledgeable. She gave us the honest truth about every possible ending and let us know she will do her best. She was always available to meet with us to answer questions. She was just awesome to have on our side and very reassuring. We ended up settling the case in her office and satisfied. We did not have to set foot in the courtroom again. I really appreciate Ms. Bagner for her efforts because if it weren’t for her we still would be battling in court.

Miss M

Ms. Bagner is an absolute seasoned attorney and above all professional, very professional! I cannot thank her enough for representing me in my child custody case. Vonnah is direct, expeditious, courteous, caring and extremely positive. She champions what is best for children, which is all that matters in the long run.

She is unflappable! If this site gave 10 stars, she would get them all!

I will be forever thankful to you Vonnah!

Adriana L.