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Individualized Solutions For Probate, Wills And Trusts

Whether you are interested in making plans for your estate, want to make your advanced directives known or are a family member looking to settle a loved one’s estate, Bagner Law, PC, can be your trusted legal resource. Easing the anxiety and uncertainty usually associated with estate planning and probate with clear answers and responsive service is a priority. I’m attorney Vonnah Bagner, dedicated to compassionately helping clients with compassionate and effective legal services.

Proactive Trusts

You can trust my estate planning experience to help your family avoid obstacles in the full administration of your estate. Many times, families that inherit real property from an estate with only a will are surprised to learn that they will have to go through probate to transfer the property. You can avoid putting your children through the expense and stress of probate. I can make sure you get the facts about how a trust can be helpful in your situation.

Be Prepared With An Advance Health Care Directive

Through a California advance health care directive, you can make your medical care decisions known on an official, legally binding document. Doctors and family members can consult the directive if you cannot make your own decisions or make them known.

Your directive can cover several areas, such as naming a health care power of attorney and disclosing your wishes for palliative care, hospice and organ donation.

Detailed Probate Counsel

If you need to go through probate with a family member’s estate, I can lead the way. I will guide you through the process and ensure that your best interests are protected. The complexities of probate can be very stressful at a difficult time. Let me handle the details to facilitate the proceedings.

Call Today

Whether you want to make an estate plan or need to resolve probate for a loved one, things can get complicated quickly. I can help. Get in touch with me at Bagner Law today by calling 510-351-5345 or contacting me online.