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Providing Compassionate, Skilled Representation During Your Divorce

Emotions and tension can run high when you are pursuing a divorce. Although it is completely natural to be guided by your feelings throughout your family breakup, this approach can hurt you and your loved ones in the long run.

When you work with Bagner Law, PC, you can depend on me, attorney Vonnah M. Bagner, to look out for your current and future interests. I use nearly 20 years of legal experience to shape my counsel. I will give you the compassionate and skilled family law representation you need when you are divorcing your spouse.

A Trusted Guide Throughout The Process

Throughout my legal career, I have represented countless families and individuals in the San Leandro area. What I’ve discovered through this is experience is that each family law case is unique and requires a unique approach. I keep this lesson in mind when I advise all my clients.

You can depend on me to tailor a strategy that addresses your specific situation. I do not rely on cookie-cutter solutions to resolve your private matters. The stakes are simply too high.

I am qualified to help you negotiate for fair terms in your divorce agreement, including matters related to:

It is my goal that we secure favorable terms through negotiation. If we cannot reach an agreement without court involvement, however, I am ready to defend your side in a California court. Because I am always prepared to litigate disputes, I can negotiate from a position of strength and secure optimal results for you.

In addition to my divorce services, I also help clients with guardianship and post-judgment issues. Contact Bagner Law for assistance with modifying the terms of your divorce agreement or securing guardianship for a loved one.

Before You Agree To Terms, Talk To Me

I offer free initial consultations to all my prospective clients because I want you to understand your options before you sign your divorce agreement. Contact me online or over the phone at 510-351-5345 to reach an experienced lawyer.