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Looking Out For Your Parenting Rights And Your Financial Welfare

Child support and custody orders can affect your relationship with your children and your financial well-being, whether you are an unmarried parent or will soon be divorced. As a responsible parent, you should take steps to secure fair custody and support orders.

Since 2003, I, Vonnah M. Bagner, have provided assertive family law representation for my clients in San Leandro and the surrounding communities. At Bagner Law, PC, I look out for my clients’ parenting rights and advocate for their children to ensure that their financial needs are being met. If you are struggling to understand California’s custody and support laws, contact my office for straightforward legal advice.

Information You Need To Know About Custody

In California, parents can file petitions for:

  • Legal custody, which allows parents to make decisions regarding their child’s education, religious upbringing, health care matters and other significant issues
  • Physical custody, which creates a living arrangement for the child and parents

Parents can request sole legal or physical custody, or they can request joint legal or physical custody. In the former case, the parent who does not have physical custody (the noncustodial parent) can arrange for visitation time. If parents cannot agree to terms, the family court judge determines custody orders.

As your legal ally, I will work with the other parent’s attorney to create a custody agreement that addresses your unique circumstances. I have helped many clients create parenting plans that help parents avoid problematic issues before they arise. Whether you are concerned about visitation schedules, child discipline approaches or other critical matters, I can find a solution that works for you and your child’s parent.

If we cannot find common ground on custody terms, I will zealously defend your parenting rights in court.

Factors That Affect Child Support Orders

Paying child support in California is not optional; it’s mandatory. In California, noncustodial parents are required to pay financial support, whether they are divorced or unmarried.

Factors that influence the amount of money a parent owes each month include:

  • Each parents’ income
  • The number of children the noncustodial parent has
  • The amount of time each parent spends with the child
  • Child care expenses

California’s child support formula provides a baseline for monthly support. This formula does not include the cost for other expenses, such as tutoring, extracurricular activities and travel for visitation.

I have a deep understanding of California’s child support laws. I know how to make compelling arguments that advance your interests and can negotiate for full support terms. Using my litigation experience, I can persuasively defend your case in court so that you receive a favorable outcome if negotiations fall through.

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